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Burundi Nyagishiru Natural

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Flavour Notes:  Blueberry / Banana

Filter Roast

Origin: Burundi

Region: Muyinga

Farmer: Small-holder farmers

Altitude: 1800 masl

Crop: 2019

Cultivar: Red Bourbon

Processing: Natural


These coffees come to us from the Nyagishiru washing station in the Muyinga region of Burundi. Located in the Buhinyuza Commune, the washing station, run by Matraco, purchased 145,000 kg of cherry from 844 families who were paid a premium of 18% above the local market rate and casual workers paid 59% above the average casual labour rate. Muyinga is one of the lesser-known coffee producing regions in the country. Nyagishiru is one of two stations in the area serving as an important delivery point for producers as well as providing seasonal employment. Red Bourbon varietal is grown at altitudes ranging from 1500-1650masl and the land is fairly flat around the station providing ideal conditions for producing Natural and Washed coffees utilising 200 African raised beds.